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Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services for Your Business

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services for Your Business

Staff Augmentation Services

So, your team is working on a project. All resources are super busy and yet the deadline seems unachievable. To make sure that the project gets delivered on time, the most logical decision seems to be adding more members to the team. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, as documented in the cult classic book “The Mythical Man-Month”, adding more people to a project can often delay it. The reasons for that are aplenty. In the scenario when more people are needed on a project to ensure timely delivery, the most effective solution is to avail staff augmentation (also called team augmentation) services.

For those wondering what is staff augmentation, it means that instead of hiring in-house, the teamwork should be outsourced to a competent agency, having experience dealing in projects of that nature. This is highly beneficial particularly to non-IT organizations, who’re competent in their specific field and lack technology expertise.

In addition to that, there are a few more benefits of staff augmentation:

► Reduces the hassle of hiring and retaining people

For a mobile application to be made in Ionic, that no one in your company has any knowledge of, how do you ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job? Furthermore, if the project is to last 3 months, how will you handle resource utilization after completion? When you outsource team augmentation, you get the right people for your needs, for the right amount of time. Also, you can save on the cost of hiring a wrong person for the job.

► Can get up and running in days, not months

Assuming you have to recruit Analytics engineers and are not able to find the perfect fit for your organization, then the delay can get long, particularly if the ones you wish to hire have a long notice period. When you do a contract with a staff augmentation service provider company having such kind of people, you can start getting instant results. That way, your company can save a lot of time and hence improve on the time to market.

► Increased chances of success with staff augmentation

Take a scenario where you’re getting an API-based app made in ReactJS and are under the impression from your team that this is perfectly alright with no further scope for improvement. You will not be able to get a second opinion from experts. When you Augment staff, then you get the right solution for your needs. A competent agency will tell you areas for improvement and where all things can be made better. They might be able to review code, suggest modern practices such as source control on GitHub, improve security and infrastructure, etc.

► Team augmentation fits within your budget

Suppose you are based in a geographical area where average rates of IT work are so high that fulfilling all the requirements would mean your project will go over budget. In this case, it makes greater sense to hire a capable team in a demographic area where hourly rates are lesser. This will enable your firm to manage its budgetary requirements, compete with others in terms of margins, and make good use of abundant IT talent present in those regions.

► Save on the cost of acquiring new skills

Staff / Team augmentation means getting turnkey access to skilled people, who have the capacity to deliver quick results. This is useful not just for non-tech companies, also for IT ones, who lack a certain competency. Such as a firm specializing in .NET development, gets a request from one of their customers to make a native mobile app in Swift; for quick delivery instead of going in-house, it’s better that they outsource. Thereby, it reduces the cost of making your employees acquire new skills.

All leading companies do it

Staff augmentation industry is worth more than US$56 Billion today. There isn’t any leading company that does not go for it and has become a standard industry practice among Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Only thing is that one must outsource this process to a reputed agency that has intent and experience in delivering projects of what your project demands, is transparent about showcasing its infrastructure and facilities, has a good name in the market, happens to be award-winning and appears inclined towards making your organization succeed.

Top Staff Augmentation Service Provider Company

Walkwel provides a range of best and cost-effective services for IT sourcing, for areas including software engineering, UX design, quality assurance, digital marketing, and project management. Your organization can continue to focus on core areas, and let us handle the crucial aspects of IT. You can consider our team as an extension of your existing one, with streamlined access to key staff members. We have been in this line for more than 8 years, as companies across continents trust us to be their vendor of choice for team augmentation services. Our team will make sure that your organization gets the right set of solutions, as per your unique needs. To know more about how our company can help your team achieve its business goals, send us an email on


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