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How to hire a development company

How to hire a development company

Most businesses do mark their presence on the web mobile applications these days. So, more people with business ideas begin thinking about hiring someone to create their website or mobile app. However, the web is a crowded place these days and important pieces of information can easily be overlooked.

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Is your MVP Ready?

Needless to say, one must be aware of the stage your Idea is in. Is it just in ideation stage? Or do you already have the MVP and are going to bootstrap/fund your way to full scale? This awareness of your development stage greatly impacts how much you are going to spend on development and what quality of your product best fits your requirement depending on the timeline you have decided.
Unless you are dealing with compliances in your product. It is usually a fair idea to go for a freelancer. Hiring an agency promises better ownership of the contract.

What Technology Stack Works Best in your Use-case?

Ethereum is not the only player in the market anymore. Challengers are already in the market and better groomed to support use-cases or pain-points of their choice as per their research of the market. Some of the noteworthy examples are Tron and EOS. Once you have narrowed down your high level research to what suits your product the best. It is time to start looking for developers accordingly. For more information on EOS, Tron and Ethereum on how they  are competing against each other, CLICK HERE

Your Budget

Most companies leave information on their average contract amount in the online directories. Make sure you have a budget set in your mind and filter the data accordingly. Cheap is not the key here, finding best possible quality in a given budget is. So do explore list of the companies online to check the kind of projects they have delivered in the similar/same vertical.

Sign an NDA

Your Idea needs protecting, which is where hiring an agency is a better option because you can expect better responsibility for the awarded contract. Keep a format ready with you and send the high level project details to the filtered list of companies per above steps for actual payment quote from the companies and see how many fit in your budget. It’s okay to keep a few exceptions in your mind if you are really impressed with a proposal and portfolio.

Go for a Reference Check

Check if the company/freelancer has any reviews and setup a face-to-face interview/discussion if possible. Reviews are important and tell you great deal about the company you have shortlisted. It’s fine to have a great army of developers but another thing working towards customer experience and success.
Make sure that you request 2-3 references. It would be even better if there references are from the clients’ whose cases have been published on their website. That’s assures that the reference is genuine. It would be best to connect over a 10-15-minute short conversation with the references regarding the feedback.

Ask for Primary Contact and Change Scope

It is very important to know who will be the primary point of contact and the lead on my account so that ownership of the project is streamlined and you are aware of all progress. Also, make sure to document each feature request and take a price quote for change requests, so that any change request has better visibility for all stakeholders.

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