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Walkwel Recognized as a Top B2B Company in India on Clutch

Walkwel Recognized as a Top B2B Company in India on Clutch

The technological developments of the last few years have set the stage for huge changes in the way that businesses in countless industries interact with their clients. From mobile platforms to social media, the technologies and services that help keep people connected are bringing firms closer to their audience than ever before. The implementations of these solutions has created a rich market for the firms that provide and maintain these solutions. It is an ever-changing industry, but one in which we are well-prepared to compete.

We are excited to share the happy news that we’ve been identified as a top B2B company on Clutch. Clutch, as most of you would know already, is one of the leading providers that offers verified reviews and ratings for global B2B service companies. Clutch they uses in-depth research to earmark top firms in scores of industries. After an in-depth research effort on the top developers, designers, IT consultants, and other service providers in India, we were ranked as a top firm thanks to our development skills and success.

The determinants which were looked at in order to evaluate us include our market reputation, our spectrum and volume of previous work, as well as the reviews given to us by clients, the last-mentioned being the most important. While the other factors mentioned helped us become recognized as a top firm, the most important factor was feedback like this,

Their problem-solving ability was outstanding, as was their comprehensive delivery of all requested modules.” – Divisional head, TasMed

Client feedback serves as the best way for us to evaluate our performance on our clients projects, and we especially appreciate reviews like these. With a strong base of reviews behind us, we are also always keen to learn what our clients have to share with us except for our praise.

Our status as a top firm is not limited to Clutch, we have also been also featured as one among the top blockchain developers in India on The Manifest. The Manifest, a sister-site to Clutch, provides insights and instructional guides to firms that need them, regardless of industry or size. We were included thanks to our acumen and delivery, the size of our team, and the affordability of our services, all of which compounded to distinguish us as a top firm and digital partner. And to continue to develop that reputation, we have also created a profile on Visual Objects, a place for development companies and related service providers to share their work with prospective clients.

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us in any way, directly or indirectly in becoming a top-rated firm in several industries. We strive to deliver nothing but the best digital solutions for our clients, and accolades like these help us have even more faith in the services we provide. We are proud of the work we have done so far, but we know that our best work is yet to come.

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