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AI Based Chat-bots are Closer to Customers than You Think!

AI Chatbots

While the phrase “Help us help you” may sound clichéd, when AI based chat-bots say it, they mean it. The credit goes to technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In the face of the digital age, there is one core value that more than justifies the use of an AI bot—the endeavor to keep the customer at the center of everything. From this, arises the objective of helping the customer by providing them the best customer experience at all costs. And, to fulfill this objective, chat-bots come in. 

Present-day chat-bots are precious tools for Customer Experience Management. They are functioning dually. One, for streamlining and optimizing CX at almost every stage the service process of the customer journey; two, supporting customer care representatives to solve uncomplicated problems without putting in precious man-hours. And, bots are succeeding immensely at the customer level. 

Chat-bots are actually closer to customers than you may think. Here are some stats that illustrate how well customers respond to AI and chat-bot experiences:

  • 73% Satisfaction rate is shown by AI-based chatbots for customer interaction with businesses. (G2’s Facebook Chat-bots Guide, 2018)
  • 40% of Millennials think that they interact with chatbots on a daily basis. (, 2018)
  • 64% Internet users opine that 24-hour service is the most incredible chat-bot feature. (The State of Chat-bots Report, 2018)
  • 85% Consumer interactions may be managed without a human resource of By 2020. (Chatbots Life, 2019)
  • 80% Businesses are expected to have adopted chatbot automation in one or the other way by 2020. (Outgrow, 2018)
  • 35% Consumers wish that more companies start using chat-bots. (Opus Research, 2018)
  • 53% Customers are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message. (Outgrow, 2018)
  • 58% B2B tech companies that have adopted AI bots. (Ubisend, 2019).
  • 42% B2C companies are currently using chatbots. (Relay, 2018)

Here’s why AI bots have become such a close part of customer engagement.

The Wait is Over

Well, this is, for me, the most obvious, yet the most important benefit of bots when it comes to customer experience management. Calling customer care numbers can be excruciating. You are tired even before you get to a customer service representative. 

The truth is that every business has a budget allocated for the customer service agents team for calling. It doesn’t make sense to employ a superfluous number. It’s just not sustainable. 

AI-based chat-bots, cut the queue short; resolve simple problems within seconds; present instant solutions. No waiting.

Ticket to the Right Customer Satisfaction Representative

Chat-bots are not just for chats. When they are powered by machine learning and robotic process automation, they can classify customer queries and problems to route tickets to the right agent.

It saves the resolution time when the ticket is assigned to the right department. That means, no more will I waste minutes explaining my problem to debit card service agent when all I need to do is correct my name on the credit card, and then be routed to another representative, reaching whom will take another 5 minutes. 

AI-based chat-bots can make this process accurate and instantaneous. So, for the business, it only means less man-hours and more ROI.

Resolution Time is Shorter Now

If we move a step ahead of AI and machine learning, we arrive at machine intelligence, which is a better form of the amalgam of these two and more. It enables the bots to offer valid resolutions that are quickly rendered. 

When bots can create solutions from customer analytics and journeys in a jiffy, it’s amazing stuff. Customers love quick resolutions. And so does businesses because else, customer service departments become cost centers instead of revenue centers. 

Self Services Is No More Painful

Just like at Starbucks, self-service can be a delight for customers. Self-service, when facilitated through an AI-based chat-bot interface, presents a whole new level of customer value. 

I book an Uber but my driver cancels. I do not have to pick a representative’s brain over a refund. I simply open the Uber app, pick the option that there was a problem with my trip and choose the option that says that my driver canceled, and voila! I have a refund. 

That’s some rewarding self-service. And Uber won’t have to pay for more man-hours for a representative trying to pacify an angry customer. Time and money saved for both.

Come to think of it, it is very difficult to think of an industry that is not using AI bots in one form or another. Time to accept that they are here, and here to stay because they are closer to customers than you think. 


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