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Top 10 Creative New Mobile Application Ideas for 2020

Top 10 Creative New Mobile Application Ideas for 2020

In a digital market that is flooded with so many apps, is there any place for more? Yes. If you have new mobile application ideas, yes, there is because it is the idea that sells. WhatsApp is one such point in case. Nothing like it was there before it, and it still enjoys being one of the best iOS and Android app ideas ever.

There are so many ideas that have already been shaped into mobile apps that it seems like there could be nothing new. But is that so? No! Many new app ideas are infancy right now, and so, this is the time to ride the tide. And businesses are minting money on that.

So, here are 10 ideas for new apps in 2020 that could appeal to you as a business.

top mobile app ideas for 2020

1. Travel Apps Powered by VR

So, these are the times when a remarkable number of travelers book their national and international trips via apps. What if your users get to do a short virtual tour of the place they want to visit? Wouldn’t that give you the edge?

It can offer your users an experiential view of the city they wish to visit, even the hotel they want to stay in, the restaurant they’d love to eat at. In fact, a great app idea is to combine a travel review app and a travel booking app with virtual reality feature. 

Checkout Explor VR, a great VR powered travel app. 

2. Recycled Merchandise eCommerce

If there’s one thing that has been hit the worst by eCommerce, it’s the environment. With all the sensitization happening around climate change, a business app idea that centers around sustainability is, well, more than welcome.

From selling recycled, sustainable merchandise, to eco-friendly packaging and transport, if you are keeping it eco-friendly in letter and spirit, the app is bound to be received well.

ecommerce app

3. Store Navigation Apps

This is, in fact, one of the best business app ideas in a time when the scarcest thing is time. It works off the map of a store, displaying where each department and merchandise the customer is looking for is located.

Walmart app is already bringing about a shift in the paradigm. And as Amazon eyes local grocery (kirana) stores to join the pyramid, a store navigation app can do wonders. It could well be one of the very best new apps of 2019.

4. Mall Navigation Apps

Akin to a store navigation app, this kind of business app has broader services. It can work citywide, as a matter of fact. Depending on which locality the user is in, it can prompt the nearest malls to visit and their respective maps, floor-wise and store-wise. That would be some great time saving for urban dwellers.

5. Location-Based Dating Apps

Okay! Tinder is a hit, Aisle is working just fine, and they may have been some of the best mobile apps of 2018, and there are many who have joined the bandwagon. But, how about an app that prompts a match for you in your locality, say, 2 km from where you live or work? Isn’t that nice?

Today, personalization is everything. I wouldn’t want to date someone who lives in the next state as mine. That’s just about how accurate most dating apps are because they go by the location that the user feeds and not by the GPS location.

If you are investing in mobile app development, it’s a wise idea to include this feature for a little more price and increase your ROI exponentially. The GPS feature should come with an option of switching off of course, so that the user can use it at their discretion.

Happn is one such app.

6. Real-Time Multiplayer Gaming Apps with a Twist

PUBG broke all records. Period.

There has never been a time when multiplayer games have not been a rage. So, what new did PUBG do? It just added voice chat and let the players resume a live game whenever they may. And that worked so well.

There had been games like Clash of Clan and Farmville that were doing almost the same things but there was no chat feature. Pokemon Go added VR and became the rage that it was.

The moral of the story is real-time multiplayer online games are always a great app idea. All you need to do is find a USP to sell it.

7. Omni-Channel Retail Apps

Commerce, every kind, is becoming omnichannel with each passing day. New interfaces are being added, new payment methods are being added, and all need to be in line with one another.

Such mobile application ideas are one step ahead of the store navigation app. As one browses a store, the omnichannel retail app allows one to scan products in the store with app and make payments through it. It can also let you order remotely and then just pick up at the store. And not just that, no matter which channel you choose for purchase (the app, the website, the store) everything will be integrated within the app.

8. Virtual Interior Designer / Furniture eCommerce Apps

This kind of business app idea can work for both, interior designers as well as furniture eCommerce stores. An app powered with virtual reality and augmented reality can let designers and clients envision how interiors can be fashioned while sitting remotely.

As for furniture eCommerce, a customer can see how a particular piece of furniture would look and fit into any corner of their house. That’s a rather intelligent way for businesses to serve value to their customers.

9. Mental Healthcare Apps for Employees

This mobile application idea for 2020 can take enterprise apps to a whole new level. This may not be one of the new apps in 2019 but can certainly be very important for the future. With mental health taking the foreground in workplaces, a clinically-backed app can help employees instrumentally in improving their mental health at the workplace.

It can include techniques and activities that help them deal with workplace-related stress and situations apart from personalized professional advice for those who need it. This can immensely improve their productivity and the business’ ROI.

Unmind is doing something of that kind.

10. Safety Apps

Rather than an app idea that focuses only on women, there must be an app that has security and protection features for anyone who uses it, especially for teenagers and the elderly. It should offer an easy-to-use interface that a person of any age and education level can access and use. 

It must allow the setting up of a network of friends and family who can track the user via GPS. There should also be an offline emergency alarm that one can press, which connects the user to the police and the emergency contact(s), sharing one’s exact location. There should also be a shortcut to record audio and video directly from the phone.

Businesses readying themselves to launch new apps in 2019 and 2020 must understand that the market will always be highly competitive unless what you serve is more than what your competitor is serving, and as long as your customers do need what you are serving. So before you head for a launch in the competitive spirit, work well on your business app idea. 

mobile app idea with discount

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