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How To Finalize A Name For Your Mobile App

How To Finalize A Name For Your Mobile App

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Making mobile apps is not as easy as making instant noodles, where you simply add ingredients in hot water. It requires a lot of planning and execution. Everything has to be done with a lot of thought. Had it been so easy, then everyone would have been making applications for smartphones, wouldn’t it be so? Especially for a complex software requiring on-demand application development, one must consider various aspects. Such as, what all features will go into it? How’s the UI like? Unique difference from the competition? Pricing advantage? Not only that, even the name is important.

The legendary Shakespeare had famously remarked, “What’s in a name?” Had he been alive in today’s era, perhaps he’d have thought differently. Because for SaaS apps, name is very important. If an app’s name is bad, terrible or banal; it can kill the prospects much faster than anticipated.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can finalize a name for your mobile application. Also, we’ll share the thought process of how we came up with name for one of our client’s application.

Make it unique

If you’re launching a food app, inspired by Zomato, then don’t name it “Domato”. That way it’ll look like an imitation of Zomato and turn away potential users. In India, Ola and Uber are two popular ride-sharing applications. Their names are different, which makes a user know the apps are two different companies. Imagine if Ola was named ‘Fuber’, how would it have sounded? Probably like a cheap copy of Uber. Ola did so well in India, that now it’s set up operations in U.K. as well. That’s why, whatever you decide to name, do some research on existing competition. Look at what they’ve named, and refrain from following something similar.

Make it purposeful

Your app’s name should reflect what it does. When FreshDesk was launched in 2011, there were two big players in helpdesk industry – Desk and Zendesk. The word ‘desk’ was synonymous with customer support, hence the name ‘FreshDesk’ caught on. Another app named ‘HelpShift’ did well, as its name indicated what it did. Likewise, ‘EverNote’ gave the impression of being able to take notes every time, everywhere. Telegram is an alternative to WhatsApp, the app is meant for sharing information quickly. ‘Affinity Publisher’ makes it clear that it’s to do with DTP. If your app’s name is purposeful, then it helps resonates with people who haven’t used it.

Make it short & sweet

It’s easy to take names of apps such as SnapChat, HeadSpace, 1MG, etc. as they’re catchy and relatable. In contrast, long names can be hard to pronounce and difficult to remember. No app has ever been successful, whose name was quite a mouthful.

Make it pronounceable

The name of your app should be pronounceable by its target users. Zomato is popular, not just for its on demand mobile app development, also for its content. Their app is now used in 20+ countries, and it helps that the people there can pronounce its name. Zomato founders took the word ‘Tomato’, which is fairly commonplace, and replaced the first ‘T’ with ‘Z’. That also had a role in making the app adaptable at a global level. Thankfully the founders didn’t give a hard to pronounce the name in their native languages. Surely then, the app wouldn’t have had this many takers in other geographies.

Check with known contacts

Make sure you ask your team members, before finalizing the name. Also, consult close family members and friends. Their feedback is going to help. If people who know you like a name, then chances are it will resonate with unknown people as well.

How we decide on names

At Walkwel, us being a top mobile app development company, we get chance to work on several kind of apps. Not too long ago, we worked on a maths learning application, for high school. The client asked us to help with the application’s name.

There were several edtech apps in the market, our app’s USP was it was focused purely on mathematics. Hence, we decided to keep the subject in name, so that it would get traction among unknown people. We studied the competition and realized a few others were teaching wrong concepts at times. We figured out what we were doing was true, real, and authentic. So, we thought of AuthenticMathematics. It was too long, we made it AuthenticMaths. Still long, we explored PureMaths, BestMaths and MathsTrue. We iterated further until we got a name that was sweet, simple, catchy and pronounceable.

Was it the best name we could have come up with? At that time, yes. Was it the greatest name ever? Surely not, though we did try our level best.

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