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Top Mobile App Development Trends Ready to Hit 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends Ready to Hit 2020

top mobile app development trends for 2020

As we enter the new year 2020, we see some new mobile app development trends yet again, and some old trends getting stronger. With the ever-increasing clientele of smartphones, a wave of mobile apps is only natural. And even more noticeable is the pace at which trends emerge and become a part of the wave.

So, whether you are a mobile app development company or a business or an aspiring entrepreneur that’s looking to launch a brand new app, this post will help you understand some of the most important trends for the new year.

Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Gearing Up For 5G

With 5G making rounds in its implementation phases, we need to be ready for it. It’s not just the hardware that needs to be compatible with the new 5G super speed. The apps need to get up to speed.

5G means much more speed when it comes to mobile apps. It means more data security, 3D gaming, and AR & VR as well. Samsung and Verizon have already ventured to launch 5G chips. LG is joining the bandwagon with devices and more. This necessitates the design, capabilities, and performance of the app to be notched up to 5G.

AI and ML For Smarter Apps

AI isn’t new by any means. It has stuck around for a while now and it has been able to make a breakthrough in app development. AI integration is actually making mobile app development services more capable, time-efficient, and cost-effective.

Siri, Alexa, Google Home and the likes are already making lives easier. More apps are coming along that can be calibrated with these AI and ML powered virtual assistants. AI-based apps like Prisma and Face App have created waves in the mobile app industry of late.

So, expect features like smart cameras with subject recognition capability, language translators, face unlock, user behavior prediction, better app authentication features, and better battery life are only a few features that can be leveraged with AI. And, trust me, these features are becoming staple with every new AI-powered app.

Instant Apps (Android)

Okay, I admit that instant apps were a brand new app trend launched by Google in 2016. But the trend is gaining traction. These native apps that look and feel and work like browser apps are going to be a pleasure for both, the users who use it and mobile app development company that creates it.

Why? Because these are certainly smaller in size than regular mobile apps, they don’t need to be downloaded, they look and feel and work like a website, the UX is amazing, and they don’t eat up any device memory. These apps are limited for now in the Play Store, but 2020 is a year that is likely to witness a spike.

Security Has Never Been More Important

No matter what you are heading, native or cross-platform mobile app development, you have got to ensure top-notch security. Apple has, for this very reason, moved to from Objective-C to Swift.

While an average urban individual has an average of 3 devices, the risk of attack only trebles. It requires a whole new approach to app security. Especially, the apps involving money transactions need to be better equipped for security. They must come readymade with embedded code encryptions, secure backend & APIs, and reliable payment gateways to offer utmost safety.

Cloud Technology for Apps

Trust me if you will, the cloud technology is becoming increasingly necessary to render app function seamless across various platforms. And this should be a part of mobile app development strategy.

It will help the developers in more ways than one—streamlining operations, reducing the cost and dependence on hosting, lowered equipment cost, better storage capacity of apps, better productivity.

The cloud can help apps store a large volume of data with ease and also carry out complex functions easily. It also enables the app to perform better in terms of dependability, speed, security and processing power. AWS is emerging as a great choice for apps that need to maintain large databases.

The Bots Are Here to Stay

Well, given what a great service the bots can do for an app’s clientele, the number of apps that are actually using bots is dismal. Bots are rapidly becoming the key to great customer service and customer experience.

Chatbots are closer to customers than you think. They help them resolve their queries in a jiffy and make better-informed decisions on the spot, helping businesses deliver better customer service than ever without having them to wait on calls for connecting to customer service executive.

So, smarter apps are calling for bots.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain isn’t a fad. It is real, and it is really useful. It is safe and unalterable and is closed to data tampering. This is something that is a necessity in a scenario where data breaches are not an uncommon concept.

Blockchain is actually being leveraged by Walmart for food security. And this same robust security can be integrated into mobile apps for data and transaction security. Decentralized apps or DApps are something that is going to trend in the year 2020.

Features like asset tokenization, crypto-currency exchange, and BaaS are some which are likely to use cases of blockchain-powered apps.

If you are looking for a mobile app development partner who can craft the best of trending apps for you, we should connect.


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