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Start and launch your eCommerce business website with ease

Start and launch your eCommerce business website with ease

The era of today is such that most of the buying is taking place on the internet. Shops in malls are shutting down because several new sellers prefer to do business from home, and a lot of them are actually doing well. In the years to come, only those businesses are going to sustain, who’re going to sell online by the virtue of eCommerce website development. The coming time is going to belong to the eCommerce business.

At Walkwel, we get queries from first-timers who want to sell online – how and where to start from? It’s easy to say that get a website made from an IT company specializing in E-commerce website development, upload products from a panel, and ship all orders as they come. While there are many eCommerce websites doing well, there are those who have not. It helps to get some groundwork done before you launch so that your chances of business success increase.

Here’s how you can start a business with eCommerce Website Development:

  1. Do extensive market research on what you want to sell. Find out competitors who’re already in this line, see what they’re doing, and figure out what unique you can do which they aren’t doing. How will you ensure a better experience for your users? Can you beat them on price, a better product, or quality service? Figure out the USP’s you’re going to offer to prospective customers for ultimate customer experience.
  2. Make a blueprint of a list of features you want on your website. It could be anything that appeals to you. Such as receiving an SMS when your order gets dispatched, public wish list, mapping zip codes to delivery charges, etc. in addition to having a panel on shipping orders and enabling users to buy from a mobile phone using mobile applications or PWAs (progressive web applications)
  3. If you have the bandwidth to create yourself then check out Shopify online store and see if it suits you, otherwise outsource this process. Find an eCommerce development company that can create your website. Ask your friends if they know anyone, if not then search on Google or post requirements on your local notice board.
  4. To evaluate a company, look at their website, portfolio, list of services and office set up. Once you’ve selected the company that appeals to you the most, talk to them. Sign an NDA, share your requirements and ask for a quote on how much they’ll charge for making your website. If you have a budget in mind, then share it upfront.
  5. If the quote is out of budget, then ask the agency to divide the project phases. So that once you’re profitable in Phase 1 or can arrange more funds, go for Phase 2 with the rest of the requirements. You can be upfront about things, such as – will costs go down if you provided text content yourself! what do they feel must be done to make your brand a success, etc. Once you’re thoroughly assured that you’ll be going ahead with them for your online business, take the next steps of formalizing the same.
  6. Name your brand. Get domain booked. Buy web hosting. Register your company. Get the logo created. Decide on the colour scheme. Sign the contract.
  7. Have a tie-up with a courier service who can deliver goods and you can inform clients about tracking ID. Plan return policy, for what will happen if clients don’t accept your product, for whatever reasons. Also, plan the hard things. What to do when an item is out of stock? Which locations will you ship to? How will you deal with returns? What about fraudulent customers in Cash on Delivery? Your agency might be able to help you with the same, make sure you ask them about it.
  8. Make catalogue of products, in excel format, with all details, dimensions and pricing. Get photos clicked professionally in a transparent background. Share with a proficient web development company.
  9. Work towards eCommerce web design. Ask the agency for home page mockup or to show the theme they’ll be making the website on. Once this is locked then remaining development won’t take much time.
  10. Get payment gateway signed up. Provide all relevant documents to them. The agency making your website, can help you with this process.
  11. Set up social media profiles, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have the budget, get these started, in additional to SEO on Google.
  12. Test the website. Ensure it is bug-free and you’re able to do transactions. Give a go-ahead when you’re satisfied and ask the agency to put the code on the live server.
  13. Now the site is launched, spread the word on your Online eCommerce store. Let people know you exist. Advertise where your customers reside. Get paid ads to run on Facebook and Google ad platforms. And be prepared to fulfill your first online order.

Grow and launch your eCommerce Business website with Walkwel

With more than 8 years in operation, Walkwel is an established name in Ecommerce website development. If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming an online entrepreneur dealing in the sale of consumer goods, then our team can bring your ideas to life. Our eCommerce websites look beautiful, have fast loading times, can be accessed from all leading smartphones, and are search engine friendly. Got some clarity on what you want to sell online and unsure of where to start? Contact our sales team, Skype us on


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