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Mobile Apps Made Addictive – How We Excel at UX Designing

Mobile Apps Made Addictive – How We Excel at UX Designing

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It is the skillful people who make your company do well. At Walkwel, we’ve been fortunate to have a team of great UX Designers, who have delivered several fantabulous solutions for our customers. In today’s time, competition has increased a lot, because of which an idea alone doesn’t guarantee the success of an application. What eventually matters is, how well that UX designing idea has been executed. Because of this reason, the role of a UI designer has become very important.

We strive our best to make habit-forming mobile apps, because it’s a fact that 62% of users delete the app after using it for a month, this is why even though there are 75+ learning apps from India, only a few are able to attract funding or capture the market. Our team worked on User interface design, development and digital marketing for one such app, which was able to attract 10,000+ downloads on Google Play store in the first year of launch. The result was due to hard work and intent of our team, who went all out to make an application worth repeat usage.

Here’s what we do to ensure that we excel at UX Designing:

► We don’t follow the herd

At the start of the project, our business analyst team does market research on what’s happening in a similar domain and the SWOT analysis for the new type of application. This helps them come up with a plan to create something that has the potential to make a mark in the market. We discuss the same with our clients, and after getting budgetary approval we start focusing on User experience design. When the market is saturated with something, only those apps stand out which provide something new.

► We focus on hooking the end-users

With the intent to make habit-forming patterns, we figure out steps that will make the user use the app endlessly and for a long time. This is an important aspect of mobile application designing, as we mix this with user persona, analytics, native application-specific features, and features not present in other apps of the same industry vertical. Because we believe in going the extra mile, to achieve customer success.

► We add some magic with graphics

Without compromising on system speed (our apps undergo performance testing before they’re deployed), we pep up the Interface design with graphics. For one of our math learning apps, we created an avatar called ‘PiMan’, which assisted the high school learner with all the activities, making the users feel they had a friendly buddy at all times.

► We put ourselves in customer’s shoes

We understand that any customer who’s paying us money should get the worth they’ve asked for. So, every app that is delivered to the customer, is first tested by our in-house team. Not just from the functional and bug-free point of view, but also from the aspect of an amazing UI and UX design. If we’re not satisfied with something, we won’t share it with our clients. It brings smiles to everyone to see that the end product being made is turning out to be one worth using.

► We keep learning

We encourage our designers to enroll in UI UX designing courses & events so that they stay abreast with the latest technologies and paradigms in this field. Our in-house library is stacked with books on design, also our design experts keep taking part in community meetups to share their knowledge. Learning has been an important aspect of Walkwel, right from the initial days of inception, hence we make sure to keep this aspect alive in all our team members.

► We make sure that we hire right UX Designer

Our hiring isn’t easy! Everyone who gets selected into our team has to go through multiple rounds of interviews. This is one area we never compromise on, as we know what big difference a right hire can make to an award-winning UI UX design company like ours.

Top User Experience (UX) Design Company

For more than 8 years, Walkwel has been a name to trust as UI & UX Designer consultant and agile development services. If you have idea for an application and are passionate about its market success, then drop us a line. Our team will make a visually appealing product for you, that will also be scalable and reliable. Contact our sales team, we shall be glad to serve you.


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  4. It’s not difficult to become a designer, in fact it’s very easy, you just need to gain experience, you don’t need any special knowledge besides the principles of JI and JH which you can easily understand in the process of training or work, I think there is only one way to success is daily practice and constant study.

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