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How our recuriting team works

Resume Shortlisting

All the online applications are reviewed, a set of desirable candidates are identified and shortlisted upon close examination.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Shortlisted candidates will have to share their skill-rating for initial mapping of skills as per job description posted.

HR General Discussion

A 20 min phone call with HR manager to go through some general questions about your experience, company, role, interview schedule, joining details and more.

Practical Challenge

A coding challenge/practical-scenario as a demo assignment will be given to you to see if your coding standards are up to our expectations.

Technical Interview

Domain-specific technical interview is scheduled for any shortlisted candidates who performed well on the test.

In-office Visit

Before making any final decision, we call you in-person to know more of your confidence, cognitive ability and interpersonal skills.

Reference Check

We conduct a thorough reference check with your previous employers and managers. HR will reach references provided to us to verify your working experience.

Job Offer

The successful candidate is informed of the selection and provided a formal employment letter.

Onboarding & Training

Our on-boarding includes motivation, a building tour, team introduction and complete know-how of all that we do and how we do.

Walkwel's Recruitment Differentiators

Interview fear? You feel vulnerable, anxious, and even intimidated at times?
Here's how we try to reduce the discomfort:

  • We ensure to frame a role description that accurately communicates the available position.

  • We fully customize messaging we send to candidates.

  • We happily invite candidates for in-person meet to get
    to know candidates better.

  • We provide as much insight as possible about the decision whether it is positive or negative.

  • We listen hard and change fast

  • We seek feedback, make changes,
    and iterate.